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So Much Good Stuff

Never Again Quilt

So many interesting things have been happening in my world, it’s a trip… and I want to share to help emotionally digest it all myself.

If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, you know that I have lost all connection to my immediate family due to religious cult they are part of.
I have a cousin whose family is also part of this cult religion, and he left it when he was 16, and is now also expelled from his family. We recently reconnected through FB after at least 30 years, and he came out to visit me on my birthday last week! It’s been great to talk with him, to hear his amazingly crazy story, and to tell mine. He is one of the very few people I have been able to relate to, on that level, in a very long time. It just feels good to connect.

Close to the last time I saw my cousin – probably 1983, or 84. We are the two on the right hand side. My mom is on the left. His mom is behind him next to me.
This is us just last week. We explored downtown and he got a haircut and had them take a photo of us with his hairdresser.

More Family:
I have a good friend back in Minnesota who I still talk to every once in a while, and she recently started dating this guy. She really likes him and has been telling me about him. A couple weeks ago they were talking and it came up that he was adopted when he was really young and had a name change. His birth name is the same as my maiden name and so my friend contacted me immediately to tell me that we (me and her new boyfriend) might be related! After a few questions and confirmations, we found out he is definitely my first cousin. My dad’s brother’s son. WOW! So now there is another person that is my family to meet, and he’s dating a great friend – it’s pretty cool living in such a small world!!

New Quilt Pattern
I had my new quilt pattern tested recently by Belinda Betts and I’m so thankful for the input. It’s always scary putting a pattern out there and hoping that you got it right and that there’s not some sort of mistake that will wreck the whole quilt… but it wasn’t that bad. A few typos and changes and it will be ready to publish soon! I’m very grateful for another set of eyes on that work before it goes out.

Quilt Show
Currently at Lincoln Hall at Portland State University, there is a quilt show hanging called: Outspoken: Modern Quilts. It will be hanging until March 15, 2019. I am very honored to have a quilt in this show. It is my Never Again Quilt made from the design by Mike Mitchell. It’s a small, but very powerful quilt. It’s a beautiful show, and if you can arrange to see it, I highly recommend it.

Never Again Quilt
Never Again Quilt

A New Year
Since my birthday, I’ve been able to eat well and do a good daily yoga practice every day so far, and I want to keep it that way for the whole year. I’m seeing my ND next week for new bloodwork and checkup. I’m hoping I got my blood sugar, CRP, and cholesterol numbers down, and my iron, thyroid, and Vit D. numbers up. I also need to check on my hormone levels. I think I’m in full on peri-menapausal right now and my emotional state is not where I’d like it to be, and I can’t seem to control it, or those heat flashes, at all.

This is a very good time for me to be working on my Chakra Quilts – I should use this emotional time to focus that cruddy energy into fabric. I just need that spark of an idea to know which direction to go first. Plus… I REALLY need to clean my work space! When everything is put away, I get so much more done!

So… I’m off to clean and get ready for a busy, productive, and hopefully lucrative new year!

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