A while back I saw a meme about quilt costs, and it was out of date, so I re-did it using more current figures. I used their original layout and only changed figures. It has been a popular post, and after revisiting it today, I wanted to re-do it again.

The reason is this: I wanted a very median number, rather than a high-end number. I also wanted to set certain parameters. For example: the old meme was for a throw quilt, using wide backing fabric, quilting by the inch, and machine bound. That’s not how I make my quilts.

I use 44″ wide fabric and piece both front and back. For the example in the new meme, the quilt size is 60″ x 72″ made up of 2″ finished squares. Very simple… but still a little time consuming. I quilt my own quilts on my domestic Juki machine and just keep track of time rather than charge per inch. I also make my own binding and hand stitch it finished.

The time I have figured is based on many machine-pieced quilts I’ve made over the last 10 years where I kept full track of all time spent. I’m a slow stitcher and most of my quilts take 50-100 hours to piece the top together, plus another 20 for quilting – for the meme, I’m figuring much less because this is based on a simple pattern rather than something more complex. I also forgot to add time for piecing the back, so I would consider this a low estimate of time.

I also believe strongly that we need to value our own works for the good of all laborers on the planet. Even if you don’t charge a someone what your quilt is actually worth… at the very least, give them a time chart with accurate counts and let them know you would usually charge at least $15/hr for your time *if you were selling full price*. That way if you’re giving them an amazing deal, they can appreciate it rather than following your lead and devaluing your hard work. (which also devalues ALL OUR WORK)

So… here’s the new meme – and the original old one I found online for comparison:

Quilt Costs 2020
Old meme

Do you keep track of your time spent for each part of your quiltmaking? If not, I would recommend it – it is very eye-opening. I always spend much more time on something than I would have expected!

If you do, and your numbers are very different than mine, please let me know – I’m very curious. I tried to keep it at a very median level.

Happy Quilting!

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Very eye opening, Gail! Thanks for the update!

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