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Brain Fog

purple fabric scraps

Have you heard this term? Have you experienced this yourself?
I can say that I have.

Recently my fog has been lifting a bit, and *knock-on-wood* I’m feeling my brain starting to function properly. I’m starting to feeling motivated. I’m also becoming more capable of holding my thoughts and words long enough to express them.

This is really good! To me, it means my body is doing better in general. Bonus: I’ve been able to focus on updating all my Quilt Patterns.

I have 6 hand-piecing patterns (English Paper Piecing), and 2 machine-piecing patterns that needed updating, real editing, and a better flow of instructions. The updating work is going great! I’m very excited to share those patterns once they are all completed.

There are about 4 other quilt patterns that I could write… quilts I’ve already made. I’m hoping this fog stays clear for another few weeks. I’d love to get those written too! Plus a million other things…

For instance: I’ve started the last two quilts in my Chakra Quilt Series. I’ll be writing more about this project much more next month. I’ve committed to create a blog post every day for the whole month of December, so you’ll be hearing all about it. It’s the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge that is hosting.

If you are a blog writer, I recommend trying it. I did it a few years ago and it was a very good way to stay accountable to projects, as well as gaining more readership.

For now, here’s photo of my cutting table:

Purple fabric scraps piled on cutting mat

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