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  • The Chakra Quilt Series

    I created this series of seven quilts as a way of self-help in emotional healing. Through some yoga classes, I learned a few basics about the Chakra energy system. I educated myself further as I stitched these pieces together. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn! That’s what it’s all about though: […]

  • Chakra Quilt Series

    I made a quick video of my Chakra Quilt Series. This is to make me feel a little better about taking so much time to write about these quilts. Never expected it to be so difficult deciding how much I want to share about them. The writing part is the hardest part because of all […]

  • Crown Chakra Quilt

    Crown Chakra Quilt

    I’m making really good progress on my Crown Chakra Quilt. I’m double checking today, but I’m pretty sure I got all the triangles quilted. The main quilting is ‘stitch-in-the-ditch’, then I went back and densely quilted the smaller triangles to help show that part of the design. There’s also a peek-a-boo triangle at the bottom […]

  • Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    I’m so happy to have started the last quilt in my Chakra Quilt Series, the Crown Chakra Quilt! This will be quilt #7 and will be made of all white equilateral triangles. A white on white quilt using bright whites and what I’m calling dull whites. I’m hoping to use fabrics that are hard to […]

  • Chakra Quilt Start

    Chakra Quilt Start

    I recently started on another Chakra Quilt. I’m calling it the Third Eye Quilt. I thought about naming it Ajna Quilt, but I think a better understanding will come with a more descriptive name. This quilt represents the sixth major Chakra in the energetic system of the body. It is the center of intuition, where […]

  • Sacral Chakra Quilt Start

    Sacral Chakra Quilt Start

    It’s time. I finally pulled all my orange fabrics from my stash, and I’m getting ready to start the Sacral Chakra Quilt! This is the second major Chakra system after the Root Chakra. It relates to passion, creativity, and self awareness. We learn from the Root Chakra about relationships with family members, and we use […]