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New Quilt Project

precut quilt shapes

Squee! I’m so super excited to be starting a brand new quilt project! It’s a hand-piecing project using two repeating blocks and the same five shapes as the Passacaglia quilts. The whole point of this quilt is to use up as many pieces from my Kaleidoscope quilt as I can.

I still have 3 full shoebox-sized bins full of pre-cut shapes. These particular shapes have been printed on the backside to show where to make your stitching line and where to start and stop your stitches. It was a possible business idea my husband and I had a few years back: to print and cut these pieces and sell them. However, the cutting proved extremely time-consuming, and there is no way we can sell them for what they are worth.

We called them NEPP Kits for “Not English Paper Pieced”. I don’t need the step of basting fabric around paper pieces with this method. Instead, I use a running stitch to sew them together. This cuts months off the project timeline. I’m hoping to finish this by this time next year!

Pre-Printed and Cut Shapes for New Quilt Project
Pre-Printed and Cut Shapes for New Quilt Project

The two blocks I laid out create straight lines on top and bottom. The intended finished size of this quilt is 45″ x 60″. I may finish the edges, leaving the scalloped shape in place, and face the binding. That’s a long ways away though… lots of stitching between then and now.

Naming A Quilt

Naming a quilt is super difficult. Most names have been used – do you know how many Kaleidoscope Quilts are out there? I want to avoid that mistake again and name this one something unique.

If you have an idea for a name for this quilt, send it over to me. If I use the name you suggested, I’ll send you the .PDF file for the layout of these two blocks and the Solid Kona colors I’m using. Names can make it or break it, in my opinion.

New EPP Quilt Pattern by Gail Lizette
New quilt pattern I made.

Since this quilt project is for myself, I will be able to share my progress shots all along the way so you may be seeing a few more posts from me this upcoming year. Keeping things secret just means I don’t blog much.

Today, I will be making a shape-map with color designations for the middle row. Hopefully, I can start stitching on this later tonight! It’s been a while since I’ve had a hand-piecing project, and I really miss it.

4 thoughts on “New Quilt Project”

  1. That is going to be gorgeous! Maybe something like the “Exuberant” quilt. Or “Exuberance”?At least that’s how it looks to me!

    1. Thanks Tami! I used that name on one of my quilts before, and only afterwards did I find that there are at least two other quilt patterns with that name. It’s so hard to pick a name that is unique!

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