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Quilt Fix

Quilt fix - fairly isleish quilt

Oh oh… I made a mistake and now need a quilt fix!

In this case, it was more of an accident, but something I could have avoided. When I was getting ready to quilt, I noticed this big red smudge on my quilt – it’s from the very old quilting gloves I was using. Some of the rubber on the gloves sort of disintegrated and got gooey and rubbed off on the quilt! AAAGGGHHH!

Quilt fix: smudge of red on a quilt to clean
Quilt Fix: Red smudge on quilt

After a minor meltdown, I tested some cleaning options on extra fabric I have. Nothing was working that well, and if it did, it left some sort of stain on the fabric. Since I want my Fairly Isleish quilt to be successful, I want to handle this mistake properly. Luckily, it was very close to the edge of the quilt. Only had to take out one line of quilting, and I didn’t have to pull up much glue basting to get to it.

Quilt Fix: Un-quilting one straight line, and un-basting to get to the problem area
Quilt Fix: Un-quilting one straight line, and un-basting to get to the problem area

Taking My Time

For this part, it was important to take my time and not rush anything. I still have lots of these pieces cut and ready to use and fortunately, I had the two pieces I needed to replace the two with the red goo on them.

The next part was a little scary, so I had to be careful snipping the stitches and pulling those pieces out. This is precisely why I use knots at the beginning and end of every single stitch line.

This is where I had to get under the quilt top to do the hand stitching to get the new pieces in there.

Quilt Fix: Stitching in the new pieces
Stitching in the new pieces

So, it did take a bit of time, but… look at the difference it made:

Phew! I fixed it! Now it’s onto quilting already.

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