Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!  I am personally very excited for 2012… it’s the year of the Dragon, and the galactic alignment of the stars.  I’m sure we will be seeing all sorts of craziness this year.  My hope is for change, growing towards a people and planet working together for survival and sanity instead of money and power.  This may be too utopian for most ~ but I think that’s the type of living we are all searching for. 

In my search for sanity, I sew to keep me from doing negatively-addictive things with my hands.  For instance, next month marks 15 years of no cigarettes.  At one point I chain smoked 2+ packs a day… now I sew 40-50 hexies and I’m all good!

Speaking of which… here’s a pic of the hexie project I’m currently working on with a dime to see size.  *thanks for the idea, Rachel!*

And here is where I’m at with the layout so far… it’s going to be a Wood Dragon ~ which also happens to be my husbands Chinese Astrological sign.  So if I can get this done by June, he’ll have an awesome birthday gift!

My books on CD just arrived at the library.  I’m listening to the Game of Thrones book series, and just started book 3 with book 4 already in.  That means I have to listen to both books in 3 weeks ~ which will hopefully also mean I’ll get a lot of sewing done!

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  1. oohh! wow! lovely! I feel like Ive been out of the loop… way to go …
    I was trying to watch game of thrones on TV but I just keep getting lost… now I know someone I can ask. šŸ™‚

    I'm a snake but this is supposed to be a very positive year for me as well… when it gets here.

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