Quick Service

I just got back from picking up my Juki from being serviced! I bought it from Montavilla Sewing here in Portland, and they offered a 3 year “advantage plan” with the purchase – and it totally paid off! $139.95 discount… gotta love that!


The other amazing thing is they had it ready for me the very next day! I’m really happy with their service. They were also telling me about a rubber piece that prevents the thread cutter on the foot pedal from engaging – should be here in a week or so. Looking forward to that… I am getting tired of accidentally cutting the thread when I’m trying to quilt! It’s the only thing about this machine that can be a little frustrating.

Now to clean my sewing room. It is crazy right now… and the In-Laws are coming to visit from NYC next week! I have a lot to do before they arrive – but I hope to continue sewing and doing this blog challenge through it all!


By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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