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  • A New Direction

    A New Direction

    Ooof! There are so many different platforms in this internet world. As I was studying sites for marketing and creating community, I saw a new direction: digital print on demand through a site called Red Bubble. I’ve avoided sites like that because they also print t-shirts and I saw that as a direct conflict with […]

  • Art Prints

    Art Prints

    Things have slowed quite a bit business-wise recently. Our screen printing company has certainly been affected by Covid. No more trade shows and concerts – and those were our biggest sales for custom T-shirts. Since we have more time on our hands, we have both been in Create-Mode. Gregg has been making art prints in […]

  • Screen Printing T-shirts

    Screen Printing T-shirts

    My husband and I have a screen printing business where we print t-shirts for other businesses, bands, or events. It’s called Phantom Chicken. I quit my last ‘real-job’ in 2000 to work full time with Gregg to create a source of revenue that has been able to sustain us since then. We have a: no-grow […]

  • Helloooo


    Okay folks, I’m back! I just looked at my drafts for this blog and I have 6 unpublished posts from last month that I will not be posting. Each one of them is about dental pain, and anxiety, and the frustration of not having decent healthcare. We each have our own version of that stress […]

  • Hand-Pulled Screen Printed Fabric Panels

    Hand-Pulled Screen Printed Fabric Panels

    That’s right! Gregg and I are putting some new designs together to create some limited edition hand-printed fabric… and I couldn’t be more excited! This is something we’ve discussed ever since I started quilting, and I think I’m ready to give it a try. The part that has always held me back was the amount […]

  • Making Use Of Time

    Making Use Of Time

    With extra time on our hands (our slow season in t-shirt printing!), my husband and I have been making good use of our time and have been being creative! Gregg has been out in the print studio working away on hand-printed fabric! It all starts with coming up with some imagery. For this run, he printed […]