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  • My Sewing Machine

    My Sewing Machine

    I love my sewing machine! It’s a Juki TL-2010Q and it seems to be the best sewing machine for quilting – for me. I’m sharing a real-life photo: this is how my sewing machine looks most of the time. I had planned on sharing a post about my workspace, but I will save that till […]

  • Updating


    I have been spending a lot of time updating both this site and also my quilt patterns in the last few months. Staying home isn’t so different from my normal life, since we work from our home studio printing shirts. However, the amount of work coming in has certainly changed. Since I have more time […]

  • Craftsy Pattern Store Closure

    Craftsy Pattern Store Closure

    As some of you already know, has become and they have changed their platform for selling patterns. I had a few patterns posted that are no longer available there. I do have a small online retail store set up with all my quilt patterns here. If you need to re-download a file from […]

  • Hexie English Paper Piecing (EPP) Tutorials

    Hexie English Paper Piecing (EPP) Tutorials

    Hexie Patterns | Illustrated Stitching Technique These are hexie English Paper Piecing tutorials and other posts about EPP. When I first learned about EPP at my very first Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I was fully hooked! That night I designed the Squid Quilt and have been hand stitching some sort of project ever since. […]

  • EPP Hexie Patterns

    EPP Hexie Patterns

    I’ve been working hard over the last month to create these patterns for all of my hexie quilts and projects, and I finally finished them all! These are all English Paper Pieced patterns (EPP). The Jellyfish, The Wood Dragon, The Squid, Hummingbird, and A Hexie Garden Patterns are all available as .pdf downloads. It was […]

  • Heat Lag

    Heat Lag

    It’s been warm here in the Pacific Northwest over the last few weeks. Some days made it into the 100’s even. Luckily we don’t get any real humidity here, so it can be tolerable – but just barely. I think the heat affects my motivation in a big way. It makes me swell up and […]