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  • A Hexie Way

    A Hexie Way

    There are many steps and procedures to making an English Paper-Pieced (EPP) project. Since I’m a hexie addict, I thought I’d share a little about my process. **I should mention: I’m a self taught graphic designer and beginning quilter with a passion for hexies and color. While I’m creating, I don’t worry about how I’m “supposed to” […]

  • Stitchin’ Time!

    To start… I wanted to thank craftgossip for reposting my last blog entry… I received so much great feedback, it made me feel so good and keeps me going on this project!  With all that inspiration, I was able to finish the layout ~ and now I can start stitching these suckers together.  Here is […]

  • Piecing Time

    Piecing Time

    I just signed up for Rossie’s Process Pledge.  I will start with the project I’m currently working on: the Squid quilt.  It’s piecing time! After I got all my little 3/4″ hexies made, I laid them all out on a big table according to my pattern, without caring how the blues looked.  Here is how […]