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  • More Quilting

    More Quilting

    I’ve been quilting, working on health stuff, then doing more quilting. I’m currently working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt. I’ll be honest: it’s not going as well as I had hoped. I’m creating dense quilting by creating opposing arcs from the circle shapes I appliqu├ęd down. The basting must not have been done very […]

  • Sewing Mojo

    Sewing Mojo

    I’ve been a bit distracted and my sewing mojo is just not what it should be. Currently I’m working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt. It is taking time because I just haven’t been ‘feeling it’. I’m working on this particular series as a way to help heal past traumas to help my physical wellbeing […]

  • Post Election Relief

    Post Election Relief

    Yes… the relief is palpable. The realization that more than half of all white people voted FOR hate and against reality, really stings deep. I’m amazed at how much the right has accomplished in its disinformation campaign. FYI: for home-school teachers, and people who just are interested in American History, might I recommend an excellent […]