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  • Progress Report: Sacral Quilt

    Progress Report: Sacral Quilt

    I’ve been working on the Sacral Quilt project as part of the Chakra Quilt series. This has been quite a journey for me! The actual sewing part of this has been meditative, it has provided a safe space to let my mind wander. I would rather be thinking about orange fabric than orange skin right […]

  • Sacral Chakra Quilt Start

    Sacral Chakra Quilt Start

    It’s time. I finally pulled all my orange fabrics from my stash, and I’m getting ready to start the Sacral Chakra Quilt! This is the second major Chakra system after the Root Chakra. It relates to passion, creativity, and self awareness. We learn from the Root Chakra about relationships with family members, and we use […]

  • The Chakra Quilt Series

    I created this series of seven quilts as a way of self-help in emotional healing. Through some yoga classes, I learned a few basics about the Chakra energy system. I educated myself further as I stitched these pieces together. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn! That’s what it’s all about though: […]

  • Favorite Color

    Favorite Color

    What is your favorite color? That is one of the hardest questions for me, I can love any color – if used well! I used to say that black was my favorite color, but only because it was my favorite color for clothes when I was younger, I was a bit moody and very into […]

  • Portfolio


    Here are my portfolios. One is a quilt portfolio of the quilts I’ve made, and the other is a design portfolio that includes quilt patterns, as well as other graphic design applications like graphics for t-shirts, and show posters.

  • Quilt Portfolio – Gail Lizette Weiss

    Quilt Portfolio – Gail Lizette Weiss

    Color, movement, and texture are qualities I amplify in the quilts I create. Many pieces are done in an improvisational, yet organized style. This lets the fabric speak and gives me direction. Some of these quilts were designed for people as gifts or commissions, and some are made purely for my own therapeutic reasons. I […]