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  • Life Jolts

    Life Jolts

    It is so very strange when life gives you a hefty little jolt. We had one here this week and I’m still a bit shaken. I am again extremely thankful that we were able to get health insurance this year! Really helps with those heavy life jolts. My husband went to the Doctor last Friday […]

  • Energy!


    Wow – what a dose of energy it was to get an infusion of iron! Yesterday was my second infusion appointment and I’m feeling pretty good. It takes an hour for the whole appointment, so it has even given me the chance to read a real book, which I’ve been craving. I haven’t set aside […]

  • Excited vs. Anxious

    Excited vs. Anxious

    I don’t know if there is a whole lot of difference between excited vs. anxious. The feeling in my gut is the exactly same for either of those emotions. So I’m choosing to be excited. OMG… I’m so excited! In a few hours I’m leaving to go to my first Iron IV infusion appointment. I’m […]

  • Whoa!


    I just need to hold up a minute – Whoa! Time to slow down, take a minute, breathe deeply, and continue to move forward… without becoming totally overwhelmed. You might be asking: What happened?! Well, you might have read my last post where I was introducing my new Patreon page? If not, my plan was […]

  • Making Progress

    Making Progress

    I’m finally making progress on my Third Eye Chakra Quilt project. I have had a rough couple of weeks due to some vertigo and its accompanying depression. Nothing like feeling like the world is trying to spin you off of it while you try to do anything. What I have done so far is the […]

  • A Quilt For Our Friend

    A Quilt For Our Friend

    I haven’t been able to collaborate with many people on quilt projects in the past. I have commitment issues. Before Covid hit, I was part of a small sewing group started by my friend Sara Flynn. It was great to get together and sew – even if we all were working on different projects! In […]