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  • Updates and Coding

    Updates and Coding

    This site has been my go-to space for writing about quilting and some of my health and emotional issues. I’ve been blogging here since 2010 and I’ve moved the site a few times to different hosting plans and servers. Because of all that moving and re-organizing, there were over 2000 broken links on this site […]

  • A New Direction

    A New Direction

    Ooof! There are so many different platforms in this internet world. As I was studying sites for marketing and creating community, I saw a new direction: digital print on demand through a site called Red Bubble. I’ve avoided sites like that because they also print t-shirts and I saw that as a direct conflict with […]

  • Art Prints

    Art Prints

    Things have slowed quite a bit business-wise recently. Our screen printing company has certainly been affected by Covid. No more trade shows and concerts – and those were our biggest sales for custom T-shirts. Since we have more time on our hands, we have both been in Create-Mode. Gregg has been making art prints in […]

  • Screen Printing T-shirts

    Screen Printing T-shirts

    My husband and I have a screen printing business where we print t-shirts for other businesses, bands, or events. It’s called Phantom Chicken. I quit my last ‘real-job’ in 2000 to work full time with Gregg to create a source of revenue that has been able to sustain us since then. We have a: no-grow […]

  • Getting Photos

    Getting Photos

    I’ve been working on my ability to photograph quilts by myself. Quilt photography is very tricky and a bit expensive if you have to pay for it. However, it’s worth every penny to get a photo that will really show a quilt in its best light. I recently got a portable quilt-hanger, and now I […]

  • Website Woes

    Website Woes

    It has been a wild ride the last few weeks in the land of the interwebs! It was a real practice of patience for me… and perseverance. You hopefully will notice nothing different, but I did change host servers, moved my whole site, and added SSL security. This included moving and reconnecting databases and reworking […]