Category: Quilting Techniques

  • Ironing Through Anger

    Every time I start a new blog post, something happens in the news that makes me angry. This makes me feel a great desire to go off on my political beliefs. Instead I’m going to start this one with a real quilt-related topic: Ironing. You might be following my progress on the Fairly Isleish Quilt […]

  • Paper Piecing with Freezer Paper

    Paper Piecing with Freezer Paper

    Freezer paper is a great paper piecing tool! I’ve been using it on my Crown Chakra Quilt, and it’s really helping to keep things all lined up. I’m using equilateral triangles throughout the quilt, and I’m able to sew them together without using Y-seams. Thought I’d show how. I use paper piecing to keep better […]

  • Chain Piecing

    Chain Piecing

    I’ve been doing a lot of chain piecing for my current quilt project. I’m sewing about four thousand 1 inch fabric squares together for the background element of my quilt design. There are a few different ways I could have accomplished this, and of course – I chose the most time consuming way to sew […]

  • How To Baste A Hexie

    How To Baste A Hexie

    Today I’d like to share how to baste a hexie paper template for English Paper Piecing (EPP). EPP is a really fun way to make quilts. It’s when paper templates are used to create shapes that fit together to make a quilt top. Hexagons are used extensively, but other shapes can be used too. The […]

  • Making A Tutorial

    Making A Tutorial

    I’ve been on a mission to create a sewing tutorial. Making a tutorial became a project in its own right. I needed good lights, a place to film, and a good camera to work with. Then, I needed to create a place on YouTube to host these videos. I’m working on how-to steps for English […]

  • Whipstitched Hexie Rows

    Whipstitched Hexie Rows

    This is another quick tutorial on how I sew my hexies together. After a layout, and sewing all the rows together as in my last post, I’m ready to start sewing the rows together! I start from the left side – I have the first smaller rows stitched together already and now I’m adding the […]