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  • Whipstitched Hexie Rows

    Whipstitched Hexie Rows

    This is another quick tutorial on how I sew my hexies together. After a layout, and sewing all the rows together as in my last post, I’m ready to start sewing the rows together! I start from the left side – I have the first smaller rows stitched together already and now I’m adding the […]

  • Back To It: Hand Sewing Hexies – Tutorial

    Back To It: Hand Sewing Hexies – Tutorial

    I’m sewing some hexies together for the center of the Heart Chakra quilt project I’m currently working on. I’ve sewn a few whole quilts with hexies and I’m going to share with you how I sew my hexies together without any stitching showing on the front. To start, these are the notions I use: Needle: […]

  • Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish

    Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish

    It’s done! Kaleidoscope Quilt Top is done! I’m excited to show it at guild tonight. And to publish the pattern to this in the next few days! More to come as I figure out how I’m going to quilt it, or have it quilted – just wanted to share the finished top!!

  • Obsessing Again

    Obsessing Again

    Thanks to my friend Miranda, I was inspired to try sewing a La Passacaglia rosette a few months back, and stitched it using the EPP (English Paper Piecing) method. It took some real time to get it done. I really liked how it came out and wanted to make another, but felt there had to […]

  • Hexie Hummingbird Quilt Finish!

    Hexie Hummingbird Quilt Finish!

    Super excited to share my last quilt finish – the Hexie Hummingbird! This was a super fun project – especially trying to make-do with the fabric I have on hand. It’s a smaller quilt, finishing at 34″ wide x 39″ tall, perfect for a wall hanging. When I last blogged about this project, I was […]

  • Hexies-A-Go-Go


    I’m just about ready to start stitching my new hexie hummingbird design, and I thought I’d share how I take my hexies to-go with me so I can work on piecing anywhere! I physically layout my whole design before starting to stitch. That means you need to have a layout space large enough for your project. […]