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  • B-Side


    Since I’m needing to do a Dragon Quilt update… I thought it would be fun to show the back of the quilt… the B-Side.  Funny how all the work of a hand-stitched quilt gets covered up with the quilting, no one gets to see all the actual work. So… here is where I’m at on the […]

  • Summertime!

    So summer has officially started… and here is where I’m at with the Dragon Quilt.  It’s a slow process, but it’s coming along nicely.  Now that I have a feel for how long this part will take, I figure I’ll be stitching these together through August and September maybe. If I had more time, I’d […]

  • It Has Begun…

    It Has Begun…

    That’s right, I have begun sewing my hexie strips together for the Dragon Quilt!!!  Squeee ~ super exciting!  Yesterday I was able to sew two rows on while at the All Day Sew that the PMQG hosted… and I figured out a better way of sewing them.  To sew the rows, I put the hexies […]

  • Dragon Quilt Milestone

    Woo Hoo… I just finished sewing the last strip of hexies together for the Dragon Quilt!!  It’s a huge milestone, and I feel very accomplished right now.  Next up is sewing the strips together, then I’ll take the papers out, add a border… and some hand-quilting too!   I would love to finish this quilt […]

  • Stitchin’ Away…

    Wow… time really flies!  I’ve been so busy with work, it’s been hard to find time to sew all that I would like.   However, I have been diligent in my hand-work on the Dragon Quilt.  Here is a quick pic to show how many strips I’ve finished: What I have circled in red are finished […]

  • Dragon Progress

    Dragon Progress

    I figured it’s about time for a progress report on the Dragon Quilt.  In the picture above you can see the strands of hexies I’ve finished in the center.  The strand I’m currently working on is at the bottom of the photo. When it’s finished I can lay that one back in the bottom opening, […]