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  • The Privilege of Quilting

    The Privilege of Quilting

    Recently, I entered a quilt into another show: QuiltCon. It was a big decision this year. I have to be patient and wait to find out if it’s accepted or not. My expectations are set very low as I’ve entered every year and have never had a quilt accepted. I entered my Manipura quilt. I’m […]

  • Recovery.


    I feel as though I’ve spent my whole summer in ‘recovery mode’. I’ve been working hard on my digestive and pain issues with diet and exercise.  I’ve been working on my emotional issues with meditation and quilting. And I’ve been working on financial issues with extra time working, budgeting and flushing out new ideas. Needless […]

  • Healing – A work in progress.

    Healing – A work in progress.

    With all that is happening in our world at this moment, I have been working hard on not letting it get to me. I don’t want to become overwhelmed and depressed. It’s very difficult to live in a dichotomy where you KNOW things are wrong with our government (and globally too), yet you still need […]

  • Holiday Time

    Holiday Time

    This time of year is difficult for me, but it’s almost over! I can still find enjoyment during this time because our clients take time off work so we get a little time off too – it’s good for mental stability, and I love the down time with my family! I have a lot on […]

  • Getting Through

    Getting Through

    The last few weeks have been tough on my body. My pain levels are running high and it’s been rough to ‘get through’. I’m not sure what’s causing the increased inflammation right now, but I’m feeling all my nerve endings today. All. Of. Them. Especially around my teeth – which is worse than any other pain IMHO! I was recently tested […]

  • Happiness Is…

    Happiness Is…

    THIS: My husband snapped this photo of my daughter and I sewing together late the other night. It’s pretty real. As in: unglamorous and messy, but it makes me so happy to be able to spend time with her this way! While I’m working on my Hummingbird No.2 hexie quilt, my daughter, is working on her first […]