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  • Heart Chakra Quilt Finish

    Heart Chakra Quilt Finish

    Oh – I am so thrilled to be sharing this quilt… finally! I don’t think I’ve ever had as many hang-ups as I’ve had with this quilt in one project. I’m sure it has everything to do with the meaning of the quilt. This quilt is part of a series of quilts I started about […]

  • Fighting Through Creative Drought

    Fighting Through Creative Drought

    This last month has been brutal. Especially being a woman in the United States. Debilitating emotion overwhelms creativity. You have to fight hard for your creative self. I’ve been working a lot (Phantom Chicken) and that has been great. I really enjoy being able to pay bills! The work has me busy through lots of […]

  • Heart Chakra Quilt Progress

    Heart Chakra Quilt Progress

    This quilt is kind of kicking my ass. It is mimicking my life in ways I would never have noticed if I wasn’t making this as a therapeutic tool. I’m happy for new perspectives, but they can be hard to mentally and emotionally digest. For example, the center of this quilt features a 6 pointed […]

  • Throat Chakra Quilt

    Throat Chakra Quilt

    Oh… I’m so close to being finished with the quilt I’m currently working on – and it is my favorite quilt so far. Isn’t that always the case?! I thought I’d write a little about it here before showing it tomorrow night at PMQG because this one is packed with back story and I know […]

  • Will This Post?

    Will This Post?

    I’m wondering if I will even post this. I’ve been writing a post almost every other day for a while, but haven’t published any of them. They are all so depressing. I guess that’s what happens when you’re feeling blue. Quite literally too – feeling blue. I’ve been working on my Vishuddha Quilt and it’s […]

  • A Plan Formulation

    A Plan Formulation

    Finally a plan for my Vishuddha Quilt is starting to come together in my head. I make things a little more difficult by trying to only use what fabrics I have on hand. It also makes for a more interesting quilt! The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) is energetically based in the neck region and is connected […]