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  • Throat Chakra Musings

    Throat Chakra Musings

    So I’m beginning to contemplate my next Chakra Quilt. This time I’m going to be working on the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha. This is an interesting chakra for me personally because it deals with “speaking out” or communication.  I would love to be a public speaker and talk about color and quilting… but I get […]

  • Manipura Quilt Finish!

    Manipura Quilt Finish!

    Oh… I am so excited to have finished this quilt today! It’s our Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting tonight, and I’ll be able to share this thing! I also wanted to write a quick post about this quilt just because when I speak in front of our group (150+?), I get quite nervous. I never remember […]

  • Next Step… Quilting!

    Next Step… Quilting!

    Quilting is made up of so many steps… by the time you get to the actual quilting stage of the game you realize there is a whole new layer of design to contemplate. I think I’m going to ‘stitch in the ditch’ and after I go over all the seams, I’ll see if, and where, I would want […]

  • Pondering…


    I have been actively working on The Manipura Quilt. It’s a quilt made of 792 long isosceles triangles that combine and create one large downward pointing triangle in the center.  It is a quilt based on healing or opening the Third Chakra – more about that here. The 99 blocks are all finished, and I’m following my […]

  • Manipura Quilt

    Manipura Quilt

    A few weeks back I had an intense emotional release during my yoga practice. I wrote about it here. Ever since, I’ve been envisioning how to purge those emotions through quilting. I’ve also been dreaming about sewing a yellow quilt, so I designed one! I spoke with my Cranial Sacral Therapist about all this. I […]

  • Root Chakra Quilt Progress

    Root Chakra Quilt Progress

    I’ve recently started work on a new project, and I’m using the root chakra for inspiration. A while back, I took the ‘Process Pledge‘ on Rossie’s blog and so I wanted to write a little more on the process of this quilt. This quilt symbolizes a path to heath and healing to me. I’ve been […]