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Chakra Quilts

Using the Chakra energy system as inspiration for quilts

third eye quilt in progress

2021 Restart

Happy New Year friends! I’m happy 2020 is over and we get a 2021 restart, beginning with new leadership. The recent news has been a… Read More »2021 Restart

purplegraphic by gaillizette


Have you heard of the spoon theory? If you know someone with a chronic illness, you probably have. It’s basically the idea that some people… Read More »Spoons


Pretty Scraps

I’ve been strip cutting fabric the last few days for my Third Eye Chakra Quilt. So many pretty scraps! I have decided on how I’m… Read More »Pretty Scraps

Third Eye quilt layout test

Sewing Mojo

I’ve been a bit distracted and my sewing mojo is just not what it should be. Currently I’m working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt.… Read More »Sewing Mojo