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  • Chakra Quilt Series

    I made a quick video of my Chakra Quilt Series. This is to make me feel a little better about taking so much time to write about these quilts. Never expected it to be so difficult deciding how much I want to share about them. The writing part is the hardest part because of all […]

  • Slight Struggles

    Slight Struggles

    Hey there stranger! I’ve been off the screens for a bit, working through some slight struggles. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much crazy is happening in the world right now. It’s good to just sit with your own thoughts for a while. Big news in my world: I finished the Chakra Quilt Series!! I bound […]

  • More Quilting

    More Quilting

    I’ve been quilting, working on health stuff, then doing more quilting. I’m currently working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt. I’ll be honest: it’s not going as well as I had hoped. I’m creating dense quilting by creating opposing arcs from the circle shapes I appliqu├ęd down. The basting must not have been done very […]

  • 2021 Restart

    2021 Restart

    Happy New Year friends! I’m happy 2020 is over and we get a 2021 restart, beginning with new leadership. The recent news has been a great source of information about how government actually works. I’ve been enjoying the civics lesson! My biggest hope is that those perpetuating lies will be held fully accountable. FULLY… as […]

  • Making Progress

    Making Progress

    I’m finally making progress on my Third Eye Chakra Quilt project. I have had a rough couple of weeks due to some vertigo and its accompanying depression. Nothing like feeling like the world is trying to spin you off of it while you try to do anything. What I have done so far is the […]