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  • Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    I’m so happy to have started the last quilt in my Chakra Quilt Series, the Crown Chakra Quilt! This will be quilt #7 and will be made of all white equilateral triangles. A white on white quilt using bright whites and what I’m calling dull whites. I’m hoping to use fabrics that are hard to […]

  • More Quilting

    More Quilting

    I’ve been quilting, working on health stuff, then doing more quilting. I’m currently working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt. I’ll be honest: it’s not going as well as I had hoped. I’m creating dense quilting by creating opposing arcs from the circle shapes I appliquéd down. The basting must not have been done very […]

  • A Patreon Creator

    A Patreon Creator

    I’m doing something big and a little scary… I’m moving my quilt blog to Patreon, as a Patreon Creator, and I really hope you’ll join me! I feel a great desire to continue to create, to finish my Chakra Quilt Series, to show them in an art installation, and write a book about them. I […]

  • My FPP Challenge

    My FPP Challenge

    I have done a lot of EPP or English Paper Piecing for hand stitching unique shapes together in quilting, but now I’m switching it up and am going to try an FPP Challenge for myself. FPP stands for Foundation Paper Piecing. It is a very different technique where you stitch fabric to a paper template […]

  • 2021 Restart

    2021 Restart

    Happy New Year friends! I’m happy 2020 is over and we get a 2021 restart, beginning with new leadership. The recent news has been a great source of information about how government actually works. I’ve been enjoying the civics lesson! My biggest hope is that those perpetuating lies will be held fully accountable. FULLY… as […]

  • Chakra Quilt Start

    Chakra Quilt Start

    I recently started on another Chakra Quilt. I’m calling it the Third Eye Quilt. I thought about naming it Ajna Quilt, but I think a better understanding will come with a more descriptive name. This quilt represents the sixth major Chakra in the energetic system of the body. It is the center of intuition, where […]