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  • Anarchist Jurisdiction

    Anarchist Jurisdiction

    Ha! This new moniker given to Portland really cracks me up. There is so much happening in the world that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I took a bit of a break from writing here because quilting seems so unimportant in comparison to things we should be dealing with right now. We made a T-shirt […]

  • Using Scrap Fabrics

    Using Scrap Fabrics

    I have been working on my Chakra quilt series for a couple years. The first four are finished, the fifth is in progress, and the last two are sketched out. These quilts use color to reflect a specific Chakra. However, certain shades and hues of color don’t always look good together. Because of this, I […]

  • Strange Times

    Strange Times

    If you’re like me, you are trying to balance fully freaking out with keeping your shit together while the world is seemingly melting all around us. How are you handling this global crisis? Mentally and physically? Are you still working? If not, do you have intense stress about how you will stay afloat, like me? […]

  • Working Through It

    Working Through It

    There is a lot going on in the world right now with the Coronavirus and global markets declining because of it. I’m deciding to just work through it. I’m staying in, because my immune system has been running low. Luckily, I work from home so it’s not a big issue. New Collaboration: I’m working with […]

  • Progress Report: Sacral Quilt

    Progress Report: Sacral Quilt

    I’ve been working on the Sacral Quilt project as part of the Chakra Quilt series. This has been quite a journey for me! The actual sewing part of this has been meditative, it has provided a safe space to let my mind wander. I would rather be thinking about orange fabric than orange skin right […]

  • Soothing Stitches

    Soothing Stitches

    Quilting has become my go-to self-therapy. Sewing makes me feel good because I’m creating something… and it’s usually something I like to look at. It also slows me down. My mind has a tendency to race and spin around all sorts of things. When I play with fabric – it all gets lost and I […]